Who Is David Mitchell Photography
Photography by David Mitchell Photography

I'm Dave, the photographer, husband to Deb, and daddy to the three little monkeys above; Milo, Oliver & Felicity.

We specialise in wedding photography, but we love to do other types of photography too such as portraits, parties, and events, and we've also done a few school photo days too! I'm usually the photographer while Deb helps organise things in the background and of course looks after the boys (and bump!). The boys like to get involved too and often strike poses or try to help whenever the camera gear comes out!

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Why I Love Wedding Photography

Weddings are known to be one of the most important and special days of our lives, and quite right too! It's more than just a day, it's a personal commitment to spend the rest of your life together with the person you love. 

Weddings are Emotional, and I believe that wedding photography should be as well. There are so many different emotions at weddings that make each image unique, by telling lots of little stories about why those particular emotions are being displayed, like the tears of both joy and sadness from the Father of the Bride when she first appears, the look of both extreme happiness and intense nervousness on the Groom's face as his Bride walks down the aisle, or (like the shots below) the moment the Bride realises she is about to marry her best friend, the man who is always there for here through thick and thin no matter what. When you look at the images of those moments my aim is to captivate you in the same emotion. 


My aim is to make you feel engaged in the emotions captured in my images , whether its wedding photography, or even a studio session, the only thing i want to do is deliver true and honest shots captured in that particular moment.

Crying Bride
Overwhelming Emotion
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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Obviously we would love to be chosen as your wedding photographer, and if we're available on you chosen date we'd do a little dance of celebration in our heads!

Now before we get too far ahead, let's be honest; choosing your wedding photographer is probably one of the most difficult choices you might actually have to make for your wedding. We all have our own styles and editing skills, so you need to find a perfect fit in terms how we do it and what you actually want captured on the day!

If you are looking for someone to capture the special little moments, the real emotion and the story of your wedding day, in the big and little details, then we might be the photographer for you.

Our approach to wedding photography is to be as unobtrusive as possible, to blend in as though we were just guests celebrating your day with you. This approach helps us to capture the real emotion and natural candid shots of you and all of your guests. We also try to incorporate something unique to you on your wedding day, whether its including images with your pets or you most prized possession. We like to keep the posed group shots to a minimum, so that we can spend more time getting the natural candid shots.

Wedding Dogs
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Hungry Groom
How I Got Into Wedding Photography

Growing up, my Dad always took a lot of photos and he always made 'photo scrap books', he still does and they are the most precious things in his house. They are so precious that he always told us that they would be the first thing he would grab if there was a fire! Not his children, not the cat, just his photos. With our lives being fully documented, I think it's fair to say that my interest in photography was influenced from a very young age. So when I was a bit older, and had my own camera, I found myself beginning to document my life and even began making 'photo scrap books', but digital ones rather than prints and copydex! 

As I got a bit more into photography I got my first DSLR and was hooked. I started playing around and getting used to the various functions and abilities of my camera and started to get a bit more creative, but never thought I'd be good enough to do it professionally. That all changed when I met my mate Tim.

Tim is a full time photographer of many trades and skills, but was struggling one day to find a second shooter for one of his weddings. He must have really been struggling, as he asked me if I would help him out! So off I went with my amateurish SLR and merrily shot away all day. I was grateful for the experience and was happy that Tim was going to use some of my shots to present to the newly wed couple. A few weeks later I was catching up with Tim, and he told me that the couple had actually chosen one of my shots for their cover photo on their album! From that moment I started to think about the possibilities that lay ahead. I have worked with Tim as a second shooter on many many more weddings over the last five years, and continue to do so when required, but friends and family started to ask if I would photograph their weddings and occasions, so I booked in my first solo wedding, and the rest as they say is history!