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Becky and Paul's Wedding at Manor Farm!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Thirds time’s the charm for Becky and Paul as they finally manage to tie the know after rearranging their wedding for the third time! (Thanks Covid!). There is a bit of a twist though, because they were actually getting married twice! Read on for the details…

This one was a bit of a manic wedding for me. Originally I was just going to be filming, but due to their photographer being hospitalised a few days before the wedding, so I stepped in and covered photography too! Usually I would have hired a second shooter to help me out with this (unfortunately my normal second was also the one who ended up in hospital!), and given that it was the day before the wedding I just had to run with it… literally! I knew it would all be good though. Becky & Paul are amazingly relaxed people and just ‘go with it’ most of the time.

It was a fairly early start, heading for the girls around 8ish in the morning. Once there, it was down to business as usual with dress shots, jewellery and shoes, along with all of the usual antics that happen at preps.

After an hour or so, I popped up to Manor Farm, where Paul was overseeing the final setup of the marquee, and also getting ready. There was quite a lot going on, so I kept out of the way and just grabbed some snaps of some of the little details before heading back to the girls.

Back at Becky’s parent’s house, everything and everyone was coming together nicely, and before long Becky was getting into her dress, and I think you’ll all agree that she looks absolutely stunning!

As usual (I’m pretty sure I say this every time!), all of a sudden we were all running a little behind, so I finished up with Becky and legged it down to the Church where Paul was waiting. A few quick snaps before the Bridesmaids and Bride turn up and we’re into ceremony number 1! This was the legal ceremony, with just a handful of people mainly consisting of immediate and most important family members.

With the legal part done, it was up to Manor Farm where there were lots more family and friends waiting for ceremony number 2! This time we were outdoors, but boy was it hot!! The guests arrived, as did the Groom, the Bridesmaids, and finally the Bride. This time, Becky and Paul had written their own vows to each other, which just added that little extra special touch, to an already extra special ceremony.

Now they had been married for the second time, we quickly got the group shots out of the way before heading into the marquee for some grub. Shortly after food came the speeches, then it was time to relax, and just enjoy the rest of the day, but you know me! I took the Becky and Paul off for a quick portrait session along the tree lined driveway, the pond by the Manor house, and the fields (sorry Rob! I did warn you though!).

Finally the time came for the first dance, then party, party, party!!!!

Here's the highlight video summarizing their amazing day!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the highlights of Becky & Paul’s day. Massive congratulations guys!

Hair: Holly Kennedy (& impromptu camera operator! Thanks Holly!)

Makeup: Lottie Pool

Wedding Dress: Wed2Be (@wed2be)

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