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Darren & Viki's Wedding at Whitsand Bay Fort

Bride & Groom taking a stroll along the beach at Whitsand Bay

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Darren & Viki's wedding at Whitsand Bay Fort in Torpoint, Cornwall.

Darren & Viki travelled down to the venue the day before with just their children and their partners, to witness and celebrate their marriage making it wonderfully intimate and special.

The day began with an early-ish start as I loaded my kit into the car and set off on the journey from Somerset to Cornwall. As I set off it was feeling like a typical British autumnal day, but fortunately by the time I arrived at the venue the weather had changed and was set to be just right for their planned outdoor ceremony, in the clifftop wooden arbor.

Clifftop wooden arbor decorated for a small wedding at Whitsand Bay

As usual I headed straight to the girls cabin first. As I walked in, preparations were well under way, with Viki's girls doing her hair & makeup. After spending a bit of time with the girls, I headed over to see Darren in his cabin with his girls as he started to get ready himself.

As Darren headed up to meet the Registrar I headed back into the girls cabin where Viki was putting on her dress and getting ready to reveal it to the girls and two of her best friends via Facetime.

As it was getting so close to the ceremony, the emotions started to get a bit overwhelming in the girl's cabin, so we decided to let Viki & Poppy chill for a few minutes, and made our way up to the arbor with Darren and the others. Viki & Poppy were driven up to the ceremony area by one of the staff on a golf buggy, and the ceremony was soon underway.

After the ceremony we headed down to the beach for a few photos. I've got to say, the scenery was absolutely stunning and well worth the trek down, but be warned... the trek back up is hard, and not going to lie, I struggled, especially when carrying my case full of gear! (that's my excuse anyway! note to self: get fitter!).

Bride & Groom walking down a coastal path to the beach at Whitsand Bay

Bride & Groom posing at the top of Whitsand Bay

Bride & Groom sitting on a rock on the beach at Whitsand Bay

We all made it back up (eventually) and from then it was time to relax and grab a drink or two before sitting down for their meal together. As Darren & Viki were having a seperate evening reception back up in Somerset, it was almost time for me to make my way back, but just before I left I grabbed Darren & Viki for one last shot back in the arbor as the sun was going down.

Bride & Groom portrait at night in a lit up gazebo

Like what you see and looking for a wedding photographer? Get in touch now to tell me all about your big plans for your special day!

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